Eyes of Heaven

Lyrical verse inspired by visits with those once and still dear.

Diane Groans FEB 2018 – First edit


Build misty paths and stairways through columns of heavenly light,

upon marble steps supported by mountains of cloudy white.


To see the glories of God’s heaven we need eyes that open our soul.

All that is truly beautiful waits for us to unfold.


Raise castle halls among wood and garden, birds and friendly beasts,

with men and ladies wonderfully fair and children who run about.

find men, ladies, and children there that you’ve known for eternity.


Their greetings and laughter rise in song with flowers that never fade,

among gardens and trees, and babbling streams spraying mist of tingling delight.


A rainbow of fish and trout, creatures real and imagined

wait to be found and greet you in the friendly morning light.


Chicks hatch and grow out of time, sprout wings and sing their song.

Baby beasts rise on wobbly legs, and strongly leap to romp and roam

over meadows and through glowing mist where feathered messengers abound.


Petals fall through twinkling light in a whispered kiss upon your cheek.

from finger-lights of love that warmly hug your soul with light.


Sparks of joy from glowing hearts call those held dear to sights of joy,

to vanquish fear and loneliness and lead to calm repose.


All dance with loved ones found in life to music from the stars,

among the mist of cloudy bliss that spawns all created beings.

What joy there is to be found if we but choose to see

2 thoughts on “Eyes of Heaven

  1. David says:

    I read your poetry that you sent and found it very good. Dare I look into the future for a children’s book in verse?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Diane Gronas says:

    Poetry as you can see from the above is very difficult to get right. These were just thoughts I felt I had to get down before they were forgotten. It would need a lot of revision to truly be worth something, but I like the imagery and the feeling of pulling those I’ve known towards a happier eternity than what they themselves have found. I also liked the idea of animals being a part of this place to be explored.


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