Limiting exposition in your writing makes it stronger.

Exposition in Picture books is best explained in illustration while reserving text for mostly dialogue and some action. There is a limit of 500 words but many editors prefer 200-300 words. I prefer a lyrical bouncing text with humor as I explore illustrations.
I’m reading a YA book that has a Forward, a Preface, and a Prologue. I skipped most of it to read Chapter 1 but I’m halfway through it and the action still hasn’t begun. Writing exposition is fine to help the author develop story and think through things, but cut it off before you publish it. Your world will reveal itself through the action and dialogue of your characters. A story begins when things change. Jump into the action to submerge readers into your story. Balance is the key. Adult genres are often heavier on narration, but a conscious effort of balancing 1. Narrative, 2. Action, and 3. Dialogue will hold your readers attention. (Based on studies with The Institute of Children’s Literature.)

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