Discouragement can be a reality check

Discouragement is a reality check that forces you to reexamine your purpose. The reality of a thing can often be much different than the imagined one. We all dream of the charmed life of a successful artist knowing only a select few achieve this. We are discouraged when our skills don’t improve as quickly as we hoped and it forces us to take a moment to step back and re-evaluate. Why are we doing this? The optimal outcome of a period of discouragement is a richer, deeper, and more lasting answer to that question. Creating a writing or illustration career is much more difficult than most people think. We need time practice, discipline, and instruction to help improve our skills. We need to learn how to market and build a platform for ourselves. And we need courage and fortitude to keep at it for a very long time to see results. Facing such obstacles we need to restore our hearts with courage. First, you may just want to take a restorative break. Invest your time and energy in things you enjoy. This may be a time where you even readjust your goals to more immediate or realistic ones that will build to greater long range goals. Take time to think also why you would like to reach those goals. This could help you return to your work with new intentions. Here are two intentions that may be helpful….. 1. Focus on enjoying yourself, telling a story you feel needs to be told to the best of your ability with the simple goal of getting better as you go. Whether the book sells or not, be satisfied with just doing these things. 2. Ask yourself, “How can I help others? How can my work lift someone up, give them a vision or knowledge they can use, or better their life?” In the end, If we can find a way to help others through our work, we’ll be more likely to find the illusive readers and attention we thought we were looking for. ——— Abbreviated article by Pam Stucky https://www.writingandwellness.com/2018/04/16/what-you-really-need-to-do-as-a-discouraged-writer/

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