Diane Gronas   Diane Gronas

Would you like to jump in a ship and fly to the future?

For as long as she can remember, Diane Gronas dreamed of a world where amazing inventions could make the impossible come true. Growing up with an art professor for a father, taught her to draw and write about a place that existed only in her imagination. The insistent urge to study illustration and her persistent search for the perfect Cinderella tale bloomed and grew into a coming of age adventure in a futuristic land. At the center is a character developing a larger view of the world and knowledge that what she does makes a difference and can possibly save it.

Diane is a graphic artist and graduate of Miami University School of Fine Arts. She worked at a graphic design studio in Cincinnati and taught design, photography, drawing and painting at a public High School. She often spent summers on camping trips to national and state parks west of the Mississippi and has a family of four children. Writing courses taken while working retail full time and membership in several critique groups led to the completion of her first book in 2014. She and her husband currently live near Cincinnati, Ohio.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Anita Gronas says:

    Diane is a wonderful, talented artist. I and our family have been fortunate family members to have been the recipients of her artwork in different forms for many Christmases now. We are so excited for her and wish her all the best in this new endeavor and artful journey of writing.

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