#illomo Daily Drawing Challenge official prompt lists…

Illomo GuidlinesLIST AUG 2017 black text.jpgLIST SEP 2017 black textLIST OCT 2017

LIST NOV-DEC 2017 black textLIST JAN 2018 white textLIST FEB 2018 black textLIST MAR 2018 black textLIST APR 2018 white textLIST MAY 2018 black textLIST JUN 2018 black text

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DRAW an image in the media of your choice.

POST it on Twitter with #illomo and PROMPT word used.

SHARE it on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Blog, or Website.

Please no nudity or gore for the general public.

Draw each day for a month or never stop.

Pick a prompt list for the month, select the word for the day,

a word that inspires you, or make your own prompt list.

It is your practice time. Make the most of it.


Happy Drawing!

Diane Gronas