Starseeker: Flower of Tamaroon

TAMAROON Front Cover2

Starseeker, an original space adventure with

echoes of a Cinderella tale.


For untold generations, frigid planet Treya has been kept habitable by the Firestar. The satellite manipulates the weather to create warm regions suitable for farming and industry. But now the Firestar is failing and a perpetual winter is closing in.

Annie Roeshell, at age fifteen, dreams of joining the brave Starseekers who search the galaxy for a means to save their planet. But her deepest reason for joining the corps is to find her parents. They could be waiting for her on the mysterious planet of Tamaroon with what the Starseekers hope to find.

Before she can start her search, Annie must pass the test and complete Starseeker training. But an attack by Dark Knights could lead to war and the end of missions to space. They seek absolute mastery of Treya’s dwindling resources by targeting the handsome prince of Gosar, and for some reason, they have Annie in their sights as well.


“Young readers are sure to enjoy the fascinating and imaginative world of Treya, where teens fly Starseeker ships with futuristic gadgets and lead missions into space.”

— Dayne Sislen, illustrator of “Madeline Delilah,

Extraordinarily Ordinary” “This is a great story and I want to read more. The characters are realistic and I had no problems following their actions and dialogue.”

— David Farretti author of “Darkside of the Medallion”

“I sadly finished your book today!!  I wanted more which is a great thing.  Are you working on a sequel? I hope!!! I loved your story line, your characters, and your worlds!!”

— Chistine Kellogg author of “Untouchable” and “Abigail”

Kudos for this well crafted account of space adventure and romance. Reminiscent of Star Wars, Starseeker Flower of Tamaroon, could be the opening volume of a break out series. A page turner that had me asking for more.

— Joe D’Amato author of “Seeds of the Lemon Grove”


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