DELTA 8-992


A lie began the mighty web.

To protect the crown from their foe.

None knew the depth it would affect

The innocent it was to save.



A crowd of people in the central square of Nethas waited in lines for food and the assignment of living space. Caked snow from the raging blizzard outside the city power shield melted on their thermal-tech clothes. The growing storms were predicted to someday reach the strength of ancient storms from pre-colonial time.

Bryan scanned the crowd from behind a pillar. His dark blue uniform, identified him as a Starseeker. “The attack force is merging on our location. I think we caught their attention.” Dania gave Constance her robe so she and Payder could play their roles in the staged event. Payder and Constance, also in uniform, stood ready by Bryan’s side.

Payder took Constance by the hand and kissed her. “I won’t let anything happen to you,” he said and drew his laser gun.

“Go,” Bryan said and aimed his stun gun at the dark dressed agents searching the edge of the crowd.

Constance and Payder dashed for a shuttle while laser fire from the dark knights lit up the launch bay. Payder stumbled when a blast knocked him sideways but they made it safe inside.

The shuttle shot over the crowd and through the energy dome before exploding in a blinding flash of light.


            That is how it all began I later learned when they no longer kept secrets from me.

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