Song Lyrics

Lyric Assignment                       ID302Annie2:20:9009

It’s All a Dream


It’s all a dream, that’s all it seems,

That we’ll ever be together.


How could it all be real,

There’s no path to lead you home.


My love for you will never cease,

Though space and time keep us apart.


If there’s no path to lead you home,

It might as well be all a dream.



New Lyrics — I’ll Dream of Him — 2:20:9009


I know you’d find it strange to know,

I often dream of you.

You come and take my hand in yours,

and stars start falling from the sky.


We seem to dance among the clouds,

with blossoms falling through the air.

The music floats upon a breeze,

a graceful waltzing melody.


But dreams are dreams, that’s how it seems.

Your world just isn’t part of mine.

I know we two can never be,

because I’m hidden from your world.


But I’ll come look for you some day,

if you’ll just only wait a while.

And I don’t care if it’s not true,

’cause I’ll keep dreaming on of you.


Until then —

I’ll dream the dream of him.



New Lyrics II — My Dream Came True — 2:22:9009


Time has rewritten many things

and I’m not who I use to be;

for in the trappings of your world,

I found a new reality.


Though it was impossible it seemed,

I found a way into your world.

And then my dream of you came true,

the day you took me in your arms.


It seemed a dream the day we danced.

You smiled as though you truly cared.

Your eyes reached in and touched my soul

and part of me is with you still.


So now you’re always on my mind,

I hope you feel the same way too.

I pray you’ll look for me one day,

For your world is part of my world now.


Without you,

I’m just the Flower of Tamaroon.



At Last I’m on My Way

We’ll travel to the stars,

to find the love that once was lost.

The stars themselves will show the way,

we’ll find a way to bring them home.


Yes, there’s a brand new world ahead,

and now at last I’m on my way!



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