Trivia Answers

1. What will Brandon’s dad blow if he doesn’t pass the Starseeker test?

c. a fibbertron

Explanation: It is not clear if a fibbertron even exists in the world of Treya and may just be one of Brandon’s gear head expressions.

2. What is the ion powered instrument Prince Garret plays? (No fair checking the glossary.)

d. Luittar

Explanation: The awesome sound of the luittar is unsurpassed in this future world. It’s touch sensitive ridges, strum pad, and multiple settings give the player ultimate control of sound vibrations.

3. What is the flower of Tamaroon?

d. All of the above

Explanation: The symbol of a flower giving birth to fruit can metaphorically symbolize many things, including Annie as she begins to bloom into a heroic figure.

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