Starseeker: The Flower of Tamaroon

Welcome to the official site supporting the Starseeker series. We hope you enjoy exploring the STARSEEKER STATION and welcome any comments or suggestions. The projected release date for book two will be in the Fall of 2017.

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Starseeker combines a Cinderella tale into an original space adventure for young adults and up.

In an amazing future world, Annie and her friends train on a space station for a world saving mission. Her friends include a humorous flying robot named E-Chip who can project himself as a human hologram and a bird named Tipper from the planet of Tamaroon. After meeting a handsome prince, the danger grows as Annie searches for the lost planet that could be the key to finding her parent’s expedition and saving the people of her world before it turns into ice.

“A tale of survival in the future.”

Starseeker: The Flower of Tamaroon by Diane Gronas. – In a distant future, Annie lives alone with her aunt in a high-rise refugee tower as the world around her turns to ice. The Starfire that once warmed the regions of the twelve kingdoms is failing. There is little to do in her cramped quarters and she spends far more time with star charts and flight simulation than what is required for any shuttle pilot. Uncle Jordan has become her mentor and tutors the prince of Treya soon to be crowned at a royal ball. Annie dreams of dancing at the ball but her deepest desire is to join the desperate flights of Starseekers searching the stars for food and survival. Launching into space is her only hope of ever finding her parents missing on the lost planet of Tamaroon. A triumphant tale of a dream that blooms into action.

“Young readers are sure to enjoy the fascinating and imaginative world of Treya, where teens fly Starseeker ships with futuristic gadgets and lead missions into space.” — Dayne Sislen, illustrator of “Madeline Delilah,


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I’m getting ready to start posting daily sketches beginning in July.

For June I’ll be working on…

an AVATAR update

HAND studies for better ANATOMY

and CHARACTER studies

Writing Update MARCH 2017

Okay so maybe my goals last year were too optimistic with grand kids living in our house. Plans for completing Book 2 of the STARSEEKER series have seen great progress along with the writing and exploration of illustrating children’s books. Focusing on finishing personal projects has been difficult but without an agent pushing for deadlines I’ve had fun with my experimentation. It is time now for me to start nailing some of my ideas into completed works.

THANK YOU to all the readers and friends who have supported my journey into the world of writing and fiction in general.

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