3 thoughts on “Illomo

    • Thanks Virginia, for the “like” and asking how to post an image to the public hashtag #illomo page on Twitter. Do you have any sort of social media that you manage personally? Do you have a page or account with a personal website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Google+ that you can post on? In a message you post on one of these, there is usually a camera symbol you click to browse and select an image from your computer’s files. Double click it or “open” it to upload it to your message. Keep the message short — less than 100 characters — any image uses 22 characters of the 120 allowed in a Twitter message. (See #illomo for examples.) SAMPLE MESSAGE: #illomo FLOWER study — click enter or post. (Your Avatar and name should automatically be posted with the message. If you are able to reduce images to 72 dpi resolution or 500-600 pixels per inch before posting, it would be wise to do so for loading and security of your intellectual property.)


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