Writing Update JAN 2016

Plans for this year are to complete Book 2 of the Starseeker series and produce several illustrated children’s books. The projected writing and illustration schedule is intense and will depend on my ability to FOCUS.

THANK YOU to all the readers and friends who have supported my journey into the world of writing and fiction in general. This should be a fun and interesting year that I’m truly looking forward to.

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2 thoughts on “Writing Update JAN 2016

  1. Hi Diane,

    It seems that you have a full writing plate for the remainder of 2016. I applaud you for your goals and wish you the best in your writing success. I also look forward to reading your second book in your trilogy.

    I’m busy formatting the second book of my trilogy. Since I’m a klutz at formatting, I purchased a book from Amazon called, How to publish your book on Createspace and Kindle. Long title, I know.

    The author offered a free template and instructions on how to set up the book for both print and digital for the Kindle. I downloaded my complete manuscript into the template: and have been working on formatting it for the past week. My goal this year will be to have my first book in print form and the second book in Smashwords and Kindle format. Having my first book on Smashwords has opened up a vast untapped reader audience: downloads are beginning to accumulate.


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  2. Good to hear Smashwords has opened up new readership of your books. I’m anxious to read book 2 of “The Darkside of the Medallion.” The planet with Egyptian gods set on an awesome
    futuristic world is terrific.


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