12 KINGDOMS – Gosar, Nethas, Caldera, Omara, Taspar, Sethaly, Arima, Pollao, Jantar, Zebron , Hincort, Watthem.

AMARIS – Assignment Manager Assistant for the Rotating Itinerary System on the Starseeker space station. She rotates the crew in and out of the training gyms and dining halls so that they are never over crowded. She also functions as a DataStream communication device.

BOANNIE TREE, Boannie Flower, Boanna Fruit – discovered by Bryan Roeshell on Tamaroon.

COMMUNICATOR – COMCORD – Dania’s outdated journal. DATACOM- similar to a cell phone on a wrist band or in a pocket. PODCOM or STUDY POD – station for study or research.

DATA STREAM – the data stream is an internet of information storage that can be freely accessed by invisible light beams and orbiting message relay beacons deployed in space.

Derius Moon – of Treya is ringed by an asteroid belt where the shuttle race takes place.

HEADCOM – hands free voice communicator. CAMCOM – a camera integrated in a datacom. HOLOCOM – projects holographic visits of royals and Guardians used for conference meetings.

FLAMWARE – a term coined by Brandon to refer to bright garish clothing worn by off-duty cadets before graduation.

GUARDIANS – are a superior force of defense that exists within the Royal Guard of the seven oldest kingdoms. They are highly trained in defense, knowledge and the truth of old legends. King Olsgood of Gosar is the leader of the Guardians. Nethas was the original kingdom but over time, the central power shifted as Gosar became a powerful city of trade. The kingdoms splintered as they grew, but the guardians of the old ways & knowledge remained to protect the royal descendants in the seven older kingdoms. Other kingdoms have royal guards but no guardians.

CURVED LASER – Methods to curve laser light beams are being studied with some success.

GUARDIAN HELMET – Worn on guard duty and in battle.

HOLOVISON – holo-viewer that projects 3-D images in the air.

HYPER JUMP – is a fictitious method of traveling faster than light in which space is folded to achieve instantaneous transfer (or translation). Travelers experience momentary “insideoutness.” Hyperspace is a condition rather than a location where all velocity is zero and speed is infinite. Navigation requires complex calculations. Jumping near a gravitational mass (or well) is likely to cause an uncertain exit point.

ICE AGE – prolonged freezing weather with glacial ice that may be caused by a planet’s orbit growing farther from the sun for a period of time or a cooling cycle of the sun with sun spots.

Kasaldune – is a legendary land of peace.

KRP – Kitchen Routing Patrol duty performed by lower ranking members of the crew.

MEAL MINDER – or food dispenser of frozen sorba, zorker burgers, stram granola bars, etc.

MIDRITH STONES of royalty – rare gray metal flecked stones only worn by royalty.

LASER GUN – its blue colored beams can be set to stun and paralyze or blast.

LUITTAR – A lute shaped guitar. New digital versions are easy to play with more options but lack a fullness in the quality of sound.

Meridian Galaxy – is the home of the Nubian sun and planet Treya.

NEUTRON SWORD – disappears in faint green glow in the damper field of a ring shield

QUADMAR – unit of monetary exchange

RE-SEQUENCING REPLICATOR – is a new synthesizer for food on long space flights.

NETHAS RING – is a ring of power worn by royalty and projects a protective field around the bearer. It bears the royal seal of the kingdom.

NUBIAN SUN – is the sun in Treya’s planetary system.

SHUTTLE PODS – are air transport ships able to leave and reenter the planet atmosphere to and from outer space. They are not equipped for long voyages in deep space.

SLEEP BAY – Bunk room off a squad bay for 1-2 crew members on long term assignment.

STARSEEKER – a member of the Starseeker Corps trained to serve in research and on space missions seeking new sources of food and possible new human habitats on other planets.

STRAM – is a grain grown like corn and is made into bread-like cakes and granola bars.

T35 Phantom Firestar – is a race shuttle used by Annie, Brandon and Melody. It was named after the legendary Firestar that brought the first colonists. It’s core powered the weather station that held back the snow storms. The technology to recreate a Firestar core is lost and its creator has gained mythical status.

T36 SKYHAWK – a fast new race shuttle with a mystery crew

TAMAROON – mysterious missing planet, discovered by Annie’s father. He, his wife, crew and the location of the planet are now missing.

TIME: micropec = 1 sec. / minipec = 10 sec. / tarpec = 2 min. / taren = 1 hour

TRANS-TUBE – is a high-rise vacuum tube elevator also used on the space station.

TRITUM SCREEN – used for micro analysis of disease and is able to detect various cell types.

TREYA and all things Treyian – is Annie’s home planet, (originally Traeha transformed over the ages into “Treya.” Treaha read backwards is “a-hearT” or if the “h” is moved to the beginning and read backwards you’ll find it is “a earTh” that has been rearranged.)

TUBING SHOES – sturdy boots with roller bar soles that provide traction when slid sideways.

TUWESIAN GRANITE – is a fabricated building material based on those used to build ancient battlements. It is the hardest known material made and does not decay over time.

VECTRONIC – vectronics are used to help maneuver unmanned robotics and vehicles.

WATER LOCK or shower chamber – used to contain waste and cleaning fluids.

ZEBIDON MIST – (fiction) makes the viewing of floating touch screens & holograms possible.


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